I am an experimental portrait photographer. I use vintage lenses, DIY lenses, and weird techniques to create portrait images. I love to create images that bring a new way of looking at the world. Also, I am a YouTuber who creates videos explaining my experiments and discoveries and I really enjoy doing collaborations with other artists that are not photographers.

Some months ago, I was scrolling through Instagram and discovered the #DrawThisInYourStyle trend, a kind of challenge between illustrators that recreate other artists' drawings in their own style. I was amazed by the quality of the art I saw and I was wondering how I could collaborate with all those amazing artists, as I was not an illustrator but a photographer.

I decided to first contact an illustrator asking if they wanted to redraw one of my portraits in their own style. I told her that I would create a YouTube video about the process and create the first episode with a team of my favorite artists. She said yes and the result she sent me was so amazing that I started to contact every illustrator I liked on Instagram. One month later, I had 16 participants and I had a great looking video of their processes.

The #DrawThisInYourStyle challenge has been SUPER fun and I'm glad I was able to organize this cool collaboration with all those amazing artists. Check the video regrouping process for the 16 artists! I hope you'll like it.

More info: youtu.be | Instagram

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