Mexican artist Yatzil Elizalde started her career doing illustrations, murals, and various digital work but eventually found out that inking the human body is what defines her. As Yatzil immersed herself into tattoo art, she constantly experimented with different ideas and over time even developed her own style.

Basically, it's the same image stacked two or three times on top of itself, creating a cool, trippy look. Many call the signature design 'double vision' but the artist herself named it the Blurry Effect.

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"I started doing tattoos when I was 19 years old," Yatzil told Bored Panda. "At first, I was practicing on myself."

Now, she's 25 and owns her own studio in Hermosillo, Mexico, called White Light Tattoo. "In my case, the process of getting better was studying a lot of different techniques and adapting the ones I was most comfortable with to my own work as well as allowing myself total freedom when designing."

Yatzil said that her Blurry Effect tattoos are more than pretty, they're a challenging visual sensation for the eyes. However, the artist herself said she doesn't get dizzy when working on them. "On the contrary, I love to create that effect, every little detail of it. And as I advance through the process, it only becomes more and more interesting."

"I think that even within the world of optical illusion in tattoos, there still is a lot to discover so I am very excited to continue working in this area, trying out new concepts," Yatzil added. "If you like this style, you should be on the lookout."

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