We use The Faunascapes animal portraits as an excuse for heavy day dreaming. We love this slightly foggy but painstakingly clear feeling of grandeur you get when taking a closer look at the landscapes inside the animals. We want The Faunascapes artworks to be an oasis for the modern city dwellers suppressed dreams of escapism and wanderlust and though we are both caught in the rat race we are driven by a strong desire to lower the pace and find excuses to escape the daily routine. We feel we found this perfect excuse within the fantastic world of The Faunascapes.

We originally designed The Faunascapes animal portraits for a series of geometrically shaped plywood boards. But it soon turned out that the prints came even more to life when printed in bigger sizes on deliciously heavy off-white uncoated paper.

More info: faunascapes.dk | Etsy

WhatWeDo Copenhagen

We are a husband & wife design duo who run a small Scandinavian product agency and design studio called WhatWeDo based in Copenhagen, Denmark (the design capital of Scandinavia).