It’s been another rough week for the Trump administration; former NSA Michael Flynn has pled guilty to lying to the FBI in regards to his contact with a Russian Ambassador, turning the spotlight of this year’s turbulent collusion investigation once again on the President himself. Trump’s attorney Ty Cobb was called upon to issue a formal statement defending the President’s innocence in the matter, and the political genius decided to type the entire thing in Comic Sans. We wish this was a joke.

The unfortunate text was shared on Twitter via Bloomberg reporter Sahil Kapur, and all hell broke loose from there. When you use everyone’s least-favorite font to write about everyone’s least-favorite President, you’re just asking for trouble, and we’re pretty sure Cobb will be getting trouble over this one for the rest of his days. The POTUS, however, is probably at least a little bit glad that people now have something else to make fun of instead of his awkward water bottle incident a few weeks ago.

Scroll down to see the eyesore of a text for yourself, and remember that unless it’s going inside a speech bubble near Batman’s head, Comic Sans is like a dangerous drug – don’t even try it once.

This statement from Donald Trump’s attorney is being roasted on Twitter, and you can probably tell why

At first, people couldn’t even believe that what they were seeing was real

Then, of course, the trolling began…

And the font-related puns…

And the conspiracy theories, because nothing signals ‘the end of days’ like Comic Sans

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