The coronavirus has made Heidi Lee Oley from Atlanta, Georgia temporarily shut down her hair salon. This has forced her employees out of work, along with thousands of other stylists.

During the pandemic, she and her boyfriend Geoff have been staying at her family’s cabin in north Georgia to escape the city. “We haven’t been leaving the house, only for food, which is a shock from city life but it’s what has to be done to flatten the [coronavirus] curve,” she told Bored Panda.

Heidi misses not only the people she works with, but her clients as well. However, she’s still working with one of them: Geoff. The woman is doing his hair each day they are quarantined and, honestly, it’s the definition of couple goals.

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Princess Geoffrey & Baby Yoda

Geoff is a software engineer and his hair is actually what caught Heidi’s attention when they first met 2 years ago. Now, it’s clear the two of them really fit.

After Heidi uploaded a picture of their fun little experiment to the Internet, it immediately went viral. “I knew I’d be out of work for weeks, possibly months, so when he was on the computer I started curling it and was like ‘I’m going to make you look like George Washington.’ I posted it to a few hair forums on Facebook and they loved it.”

“I kept up with it because the responses were so uplifting,” she added. “Our industry, among others, is in limbo, we don’t have clients, we don’t get paid, many are self-employed. The love we received is why we kept the series going. I wanted to be a little glimmer of light during the shadows of the uncertainty of our industry.”

Geoffrey channeling his inner Winehouse

Heidi has always braided Geoff’s hair when he’s working on the computer. “It’s fun for me, he likes his hair played with, win-win,” she said. “He has a heart of gold for letting me do this and post it.”

“His hair is the best! It’s very curly,” the stylist said. “When we came to the cabin, I only [had] my curling iron, I left all my tools at my salon, so I’m using tools from the grocery store.”

The couple get so many requests online that Heidi doesn’t think she’ll run out of ideas for the series anytime soon.

Geoff’s first prom

Heidi specializes in hair coloring, so she thinks doing updos isn’t really her forte. “It’s fun to step out of your comfort zone and learn some new techniques that I will definitely be using when I’m back behind the chair.” Geoff, on the other hand, says he lets her do this to keep her sane because he knows how much she loves doing hair.

George Washington typing out a new constitution

Cindy Lou Who

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People absolutely adore Geoff’s new looks