Hoomans love their doggos, but let’s be honest, they can be nasty sometimes. Your furry boi or gal either gets all muddy after an improv session in muck or munches on some unidentified thingies on the street… you get it. Some things are better left unknown to us, and dog logic is one of them.

But when Facebook user Will Formico pointed out the fact that his puppo takes dookies in odd positions, the internet blew up. It turns out, Will’s dog isn’t the only one. People started sharing sightings of their dogs oddly squatting in do-not-disturb mode. Both explosively hilarious and utterly nasty, the pictures below document what’s likely to be a universal phenomena we yet have no explanation for.

Image credits: Will Formico

Image credits: Will Formico

Image credits: Will Formico

Image credits: Will Formico

Image credits: Will Formico

In order to understand why so many dogs are so awkward and particular when it comes to doing their business, you’ve got to remember that elimination is dog communication. That’s why some dogs take a while to find the perfect potty spot, while others sniff around for so long it starts to annoy their owners. But in this way, dogs read messages left from other animals and get the idea of what has been happening around the area.

According to animal advocate Elisabeth Geier, some dogs develop surface preferences for pooping when they’re young. “For instance, some pups prefer soft, grassy surfaces and won’t poop on bare dirt.” Meanwhile, “Paper or potty pad trained dogs could have a hard time transitioning to natural surfaces,” she wrote in an article for The Dog People.

Elisabeth also claims that some dogs are just generally nervous and “like humans, they could have a hard time going to the bathroom in ‘public’ places.” So if your pupper needs peace and quiet to get the job done, respect his privacy. The chances are you know how it feels to be disturbed in the middle of do-not-disturb mode yourself!

And people started posting pics of their dogs being busy in similar scenarios

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