There’s no denying most of us have an endless fondness for all things furry but the best of them are no doubt our four-legged friends. Who could ever resist their cute little faces, constant running around in the dorkiest ways possible and basically their whole infinitely adorable existence, with all the curiosity that will ever come from their minds. Today’s story features a doggo with quite an extraordinary incident. Scroll down below to find out what this mischievous pup came up with when he saw grandma’s fake teeth being pulled out.

More info: Anna Carolina Lima

This happy pup is named Luna and was adopted a few months ago by Anna Carolina Lima and her fiance

Image credits: Anna Carolina Lima

Lima spotted Luna in the streets and decided to give her a loving home with her fiance in Brazil. It happened a few months ago and the pup has really found comfort in her new family.

After getting really comfortable with her new family, Luna was taken to meet Lima’s grandma where she was left for a couple of hours

Image credits: Anna Carolina Lima

Knowing that Luna got really comfortable with her grandma by then, Lima felt safe about leaving the house for a couple of hours during lunchtime. Around the same time, her grandma decided it was time for her usual nap.

During that time, Lima’s grandmother decided to take a nap and as per usual, took her dentures out

Image credits: Anna Carolina Lima

Before laying down, she took her dentures out and stuck them beneath the pillow just as she usually does in order not to lose them. Little did she know one little mischievous doggy spotted her action and saw an opportunity.

The mischievous doggy quickly swept them away from beneath her pillow

Image credits: Anna Carolina Lima

After she woke up, grandma’s teeth had gone missing from beneath the pillow and it seemed that no one could ever find them. The family looked for hours and hours without any result.

It took the family a couple of hours for them to figure out it was Luna who stole them

Image credits: Anna Carolina Lima

But when Lima got back and heard about the mishappening, she looked for Luna immediately, being a tiny bit suspicious. And sure enough, she found her beloved pet with a broad smile… of her grandma’s teeth!

And the doggo was indeed amused by everyone’s search

Image credits: Anna Carolina Lima

Despite being caught red-handed, Luna didn’t seem guilty at all and was quite amused by the whole search. She didn’t even want to give the dentures back. It took some effort but of course, grandma got back her false teeth and Luna got back to her usual adorable smile that no one could be angry at!

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