When I adopted Tofu from Romania, I promised her the best life full of glorious adventures on beaches and in forests. I was used to my very active, workaholic border collie and the two of us were wandering forests for years already before we added Tofu (if you're interested, you can find my previous post here).

Tofu turned out very traumatized and.... a bit less active than Se the border collie. She often refuses to walk and always lays on top of soft things, beds, couches, windowsills if the blanket is available. I later learned this is quite typical behavior for cats, galgo's and podenco's, although we have no idea what kind of mix she is.

Outside she needs a lot of time to process everything around her; she is quickly overstimulated and scared. She doesn't particularly like walks, quite the opposite of my border collie. Especially in the beginning of our lives together I would, therefore, carry her; she was, after all, just a baby too.

She still often refuses to walk: she wants to stay inside (safe) or for me to carry her (safe). We started photographing these moments and it became quite the series. Can you see how she feels relaxed and uses me as a watchtower? What a unique and weird street scrag she turned out to be and how I adore her for it. These days the series is a bit on hold, due to me suffering a burn-out and Tofu... sleeping. But we have high hopes for this summer!

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