Michi may look like a gorgeous, cuddly teddy bear, but she didn’t always look this way. When we found Michi, she was wandering the streets of Bali with a life-threatening and painful head injury.

We knew that she needed to get to a vet ASAP, but when we tried to rescue her, she ran into a drain and buried herself deep inside of it! We waited in the gutter for 3 hours for the rescue crew to arrive. It seemed that the only way to get her out was using hope and a little bit of smoke.

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When we found Michi, she was wandering the streets of Bali with a life-threatening and painful head injury

When she finally arrived at the vet, it turned out the hole in her head was filled with maggots. Perhaps it had been inflicted by a person, or she had been in a fight with another dog—we didn’t know. All we knew was that she needed help.

The vets had to shave off her fur because it was covered in blood, dirt, and bugs

Not a happy dog yet, but slowly on the road to recovery and full health

Alas, after Michi was moved to foster care, she was diagnosed with parvovirus. This poor little girl had already been through so much. But, like the warrior she is, she battled through it.

She has flourished into the beautiful Maltese mix she has always been

The day that Michi met her future mum, Saffron, was heart-warming. Her pawfect match had arrived and had us all in tears! Michi now lives in Bali with Saffron and her other rescue dog, Garscon, and the three of them make a pretty special little family.

Now, she’s living her best life with her mum Saffron and rescue brother Garscon

Michi is enjoying her new life at the beach and her new company

Today, Michi is so loved. This was only possible thanks to the support of the international dog-loving community.

Best of fwends

Michi’s preferred mode of transport

We want to help more dogs like Michi by building The Healing Centre—a space for injured, abused, and neglected dogs to decompress, heal, and have a second chance. Please consider donating to help us achieve this dream and continue rescuing the dogs of Bali.

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Such a beautiful girl!