The sad eyes searching for the loving heart, for a friend and companion; the sad stories and a struggle for life… We say: “No, no more sadness” with a dog adoption app GetPet that helps dogs find forever homes.

Development of application began on October 19th, 2018  in Lithuania as a part of “Hack4Vilnius” Vilnius city Hackathon by our little team of 7 volunteers. It was a social initiative, as one of our team members, Asta Zaiceva Stalmakova, noted: “For a long time while taking care of homeless animals and helping animal shelters I could only dream about a modern tool to solve most relevant animal welfare issues in Lithuania. Now I am happy, that it unexpectedly came true, all because of our enthusiastic team, which voluntarily gathered their skills and power to create GetPet project and make it happen.“

The GetPet’s idea to help homeless pets was so strong and powerful, that our expanded team kept working hard until on January 17th, 2019 the application GetPet was released and successfully reached more than 5000 people with mobile devices.

Since then, two dogs have already found their new families and a permanent home.

GetPet promotes social responsibility, seeks to create an emotionally healthier society and is acting for the animals’ good. We started collaborating with two pet shelters in Vilnius and we still are working locally for the Lithuanian market. The good cause is attracting many people willing to help and also to join our team or spread the application to other cities and even countries. Now the team is working further on the clear concept and guidance for making it possible to spread GetPet mission more widely and help as many pets as possible. That is why we see more pets other than dogs also joining our application in the near future.

People tend to look for new connections through various social media platforms and applications for social interaction. GetPet is one of those applications which creates connections and long term friendships. The only difference is that these friendships are made with our four-legged furry friends.

The process is simple and resembles the extremely successful dating app Tinder: to show your love – swipe right; no love at first sight – swipe left. After that, you can open your favorite’s list and choose one or even two pets you would like to bring home and save from loneliness.

Heartwarming pictures, little catchy phrases and short stories of dogs inspire a simple yet effective three-step journey towards a real friendship. The easy steps are: find one another, get to know each other and, finally, grow together.

The first step is completed with the help of fun and intuitive user interface that attracted so many users and made GetPet’s name associated with Tinder. But there is much more than the application. Once you choose one of those big-eyed and open-hearted creatures, you contact the provided animal shelter and plan a simple date. During that date, you might feel an instant connection or even love at first sight, but if that’s not the case – you can go on a second or third date. Take your time and choose your new friend wisely. After the dates, you always have some time to think about that brave decision of taking on the responsibility for other living creature. If your answer is “Yes, I do”, you can adopt a dog and get all the support that GetPet project can provide.

When starting the adopting process, you not only get useful information about pet care but also a mentor to help deal with the struggles that might occur and a 14-day adaptation period to check how you bond together with a new pet. Helping and supporting the new family is a very important part of GetPet’s concept as our biggest hope is to avoid people’s irresponsible behavior and make sure that not a single pet is brought back to the animal shelter.

These dogs have already found their permanent dates on GetPet.

There are still many furry friends at shelters looking for a friend, but hopefully, with this app, we can make a change.

If you also seek to help homeless animals to find a new home, like GetPet’s ideas and application and believe that this might help people find a pet for life, contact us through our website or social media.

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