Do It Yourself projects allow people to reuse items lying around the house to create something cool instead of throwing them away. However, just because you can make anything it doesn't mean you should. A subreddit with a pretty self-explanatory title (DiWHY) is collecting the worst DIY fails, and they are so dreadfully awful, you might feel like Leonardo Da Vinci after checking them out.

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Basically, the entries belong to one of the two groups: a) a project is so bad, it shouldn't exist to begin with; b) the execution turned out horribly wrong. From leaving a print of your baby's bottom on a bowl to preserving childhood toys like failed biological experiments, some people should really consult others about their latest crafts. Scroll down to review the cringy entries and upvote your favorites!

#7 Now It Looks Cool

Now It Looks Cool

Deepthrusting99 Report

Daniel Losinger 1 week ago

This one is actually good. You put it on the wrong list.

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#10 She May Be Trashy But At Least She Recycles

She May Be Trashy But At Least She Recycles

heretik Report

John L 1 week ago

I think I'll reserve judgment until I see what it looks like from the front. ;D

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