Our family is fans of crafts. I am doing them from yarn. My two boys like to do various handicrafts from paper. But sometimes we work together and then we are trying to be creative and making some toys from recycled things.

Our crafts are simple and made from recyclable materials. We use usual materials: bottles, plastic plugs, boxes, kinder surprise boxes and others. From these materials we make new products – toys. Kids have fun decorating them however they want. These toys cost nothing and they are very cute, because they are handmade toys. This is a good time with family!

More info: etsy.com

Turtle from plastic bottle parts and sponge

Tic tac toe game from plastic plugs

Boat from paper and plugs

Easter decor from eggs box

Plane from bottle and paper

Game “catch the ball” from bottle, rope and kinder surprise box

Car from plastic bottle and plastic plugs

Car from plastic bottle and plastic plugs

Robots from plastic boxes, paper boxes

Garage from paper box

Car from paper box, color paper and buttons

Snowman from plastic textile, plastics bottles

Minions from kinder surprise boxes, felt fabric textile and eyes

Picture from buttons