Cosplay, which is a pastime in which participants dress as and/or play as movie, cartoon or anime characters other than themselves, can be expensive or complicated to get into – creative costumes aren’t cheap. These hilarious but wildly creative DIY costume ideas by Thai cosplay enthusiast Anucha “Cha” Saengchart, however, seek to change all that.

Since establishing his “Lowcost Cosplay” Facebook page in 2013, Saengchart has been using it to distribute his ideas for cool costumes whipped up out anything he could find lying around in the house – plastic furniture, blankets, paint, flour, wires, and bags of ice. Some of these cheap costumes might not be the most convincing costumes, but what they lack in detail they more than make up for in creativity and ingenious thriftiness.

In the spirit of his page, his followers (of which there are more than 87,000) have started posting their own low-budget cosplay ideas, which are also at once hilarious and brilliant. Be sure to check out the Facebook page if you’d like to see more of this quirky DIY cosplay!

For a better understanding of what cosplay is all about, check out Klaus Pichler’s portraits of cosplayers in full costume.

Source: Facebook (via: kotaku)

Here are a few submissions from his Facebook followers:

Image credit: Damien Greenhalgh (The Catman)