I am quite a big fan of fisheye effects and I’ve been thinking about this lens hack for a long time before I finally acquired a used lomo camera for US$20 from eBay.

It produces a very funny cone shaped bokeh. Pictures are pretty blur and it’s advisable to stopdown to F3.2~F4.0 to have a sharp center while maintaining the funny bokeh. Hope you like this effect!

This plastic toy camera was mostly glued together. After removing the screws, you have to cut the lens out with tools like Dremel

I cut the plastic and exposed the entire glass element

Without the correction optic, basically you can only use it as an attachment

After the modification, the lens can be used as an attachment. So far it works very well for 35mm on full frame, and 20mm on mirrorless

I chose a very common filter size 52mm, taped it on the fisheye lens so I can attach it to any lens

So far I had experimented with mainly 2 lenses I have and have the following conclusion: