My family loves the beach, so I made my Mom a simple beach scene diorama that lights up.


Small wooden box | Styrofoam | Paint | Felt | Various beach themed miniatures | Matches | Christmas light | AA battery box with wires | Sand/Seashells | Glue

The fire lights up when you remove the sandal!


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$1 Wooden Box

Simple watered down paint on the box, sanded to give a weathered look. You can buy this box any time at AC Moore for $1.


Figuring out how I’m gonna do it! I took wooden matches and mixed them with the orange Xmas light (wire stripped), to mimic a fire effect. A sandal on the scene will prevent one battery from completing the circuit, rendering it off until the sandal is removed.

Rough shape

Styrofoam cut to fit with battery & light attached to make sure everything fits. The box doesn’t need to close so that isn’t a concern.

Almost done

Glitter felt sky background & all miniatures in place. The styrofoam will be covered with cardboard & painted to look like the beach.


Styrofoam covered with cardboard & painted to mimic ocean, with glue & actual sand & shells for the beach scene

Nighttime Beach Box (Completed)

The sandal rests right above where it is removed, and is easily pushed back in to shut the light off.