The Aziz Agha old stone bridge (built 1727) located at Grevena district, is one of the tallest traditional bridges of Greece. Its height is 14.40 m (47.24 ft) and it was a very difficult bridge to create at its time.

After two failed attempts, Aziz Agha, the man who paid for its construction told the master builder that the third time would be the last one. If the bridge would fall again, the master builder would have to lose his life by decapitation.

The experienced craftsman finished his work and climbed a nearby hill so he could be in a “safe distance” in case the bridge would not stand up after the removal of all the supporting constructions.

But his work was very good, the bridge did not fall and is still standing today! Aziz Agha called the master builder, thanked and paid him.

That story was the inspiration for artist Dimitra Labretsa who created a beautiful sand sculpture, titled “The Rest of the Master Builder” right in front of the old bridge!

You can check out the gallery that contains photos of the process and also the video at the end of the gallery that includes an awesome drone take by Thodoris Tsirogiannis.

About the artist:

Dimitra Labretsa was born in Grevena, Greece. She is an artist and educator in animation. Her studies were completed at the School of Fine Arts, the School of Graphic Arts, and Design of Athens. Her active career has led her to live and work in Athens, with professional projects taking her to many cities in Greece and Europe.

Her work experience includes being a set designer and art director for film and stage productions at venues such as the National Theatre of Northern Greece and the Greek National Opera. As an artist, she has had solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad: her artistic genre trends towards romanticism – realism. Of late, she has expanded to multi-media events weaving her artistic imagery with music.

Since 2002, Dimitra Labretsa has become a collaborating research team member and illustrator for paleontological and archaeological studies in Greece: she has supplied archaeological interpretative reconstructions for the Archaeological Museums of Athens, of Aeani-Kozani, and of Rethimo-Crete. She remains an active collaborator with the research team of the Paleontological Museum of Milia-Grevena. Combining scientific examination with her artistic talent, she has produced illustrations for a series of publications that include the following books: Dealing with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain with Acupuncture by Miltiades Karavi; Early Education in the Theatre by Simo Papadopouloy; and Minoan Artistic Landscapes by Irida Tzahil. Dimitra’s illustrative work has been featured in newspapers and scientific journals.

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