Hello, I’m Rich. One of ‘those’ graphic designers that is always mashing up imagery and flooding the internet with the results in his spare time. I love it. Being an avid follower of nearly all things science fiction and a graphic designer, I decided to merge the two together. I had done something similar last year with the Movie Remakes and Old Master Remastered collections, but nothing in one particular theme.

I had always wondered how the original crew would look in old naval uniforms, out there discovering strange new lands. Somehow it suits, and it’s certainly how it would’ve been. It had to be done. Using a phrase used by a future Captain of the Enterprise – I made it so.

I created these images with a graphic tablet and Photoshop. The characters’ likenesses come from the second original Star Trek film – The Wrath of Khan. They seemed to fit the era, as they were all slightly older and more characterful. The process began with repainting their heads – got to get that right. Just copying and pasting looks terrible. Plus, when fully repainted, they blend in perfectly with the repainted uniforms, making them appear to be semi-real portraits. Well, that’s the idea…

Finally, by placing them in an appropriate semi-scene from that time – Spock, with his Tricorder. Bones with his (illegal) Romulan Ale, and Uhura with semaphore flags for communicating – add a cracked paint effect over the top and, the picture is complete. Each one can take up to three days (on and off) to complete. But, I think they’re worth it. Enjoy.

Commanding Officer James T Kirk

Communications Officer Nyota Uhura

Helmsman Hikaru Sulu

Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott

Science Officer Spock

Chief Medical Officer Leonard McCoy