Trust the mind of an artist to constantly find new ways to express their vision and develop new techniques for self-expression. When we see a piece of art, we naturally assume that traditional paints were utilized. But have you even considered that some artists paint without paint? Lina Viktor uses gold, Christiam Ramos uses toothpaste, and Vincent Castiglia uses his very own blood!

Ghidaq al-Nizar, an Indonesian artist, found inspiration in a gorgeously scented bean which half the planet enjoys in a warm mug every day; coffee! Naturally, using coffee as a substitute to paint requires finding a substitute canvas as well. Leaves and plates are two such substitutes.

Here are the top 10 images of how he beautifully transforms ground and used coffee beans into pure art!

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Al-Nizar proves that any blank surface can be used!


The depth adds even more spice and could that drop of coffee be the hot Australian sun?


This gecko literally came from this cup of coffee!


So simple but so strong!


Amazing use of liquid coffee to create the mist!


Toothpick for the details! When working with something so sensitive and small, appropriate equipment is necessary.


The romantic side of a sweet coffee! The details are incredible.


Playful fairies, probably just born from that brush!


Nature and city, people and animals- the world is literally at the palm of his hand.


The Magic Kingdom comes alive with a little caffeine!

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