Although Halloween is probably the best-known name for today worldwide, you may also hear people calling it Dia de los muertos, which in Spanish means The Day of the Dead. Starting at midnight of October 31, this national Mexican holiday celebrates death as something that should not be feared. The departed spirits will actually be welcomed back home tonight.

For the celebration, people in Mexico set up vibrantly colored altars to honor the dead. Usually the altars are adorned with various flowers and amusing-looking skulls, called calaveras. Those can take shapes from sugar candy to jewellery, and the calavera motive itself is now well-recognized around the world. If you’re any good at face painting, you might wanna try it as your Halloween makeup. Here are some gorgeous skull makeup examples for inspiration!

Photo by: Kate Toluzakova

Photo by: Federico Esquinca & Fera Maldonado

Photo by: Vilma Costa

Photo by: Stephen Marsh

Photo by: Kenn. Shinabery

Photo by Mauro Lopez

Photo by: Andrey Kuskalo

Photo by: Roberto Duran

Photo by: Robert Stebler

Photo by: Marcus Steinmeyer

Photo by: Robert Coppa

Photo by: Michael Giardina

Photo by: Edward De la Torre

Photo by: Melissa Drewry

Photo by: Erwin Domingo