One of the most iconic rock stars who will be forever missed David Bowie was known for his very diverse career where he frequently changed not only his controversial appearance but also musical style. Inspiring people from all over the world, he taught us to embrace the change and don't be afraid of being different.

And we must admit the fact that with his controversial and alien-like appearance he himself always looked different - like a character straight out of a 1960 sci-fi paperback. Celebrating David Bowie's creative life, LA-based screenwriter-turned-graphic artist Todd Alcott created a new series of prints in which he reimagined the glam star's greatest hits as vintage comic book covers. 

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#1 Space Oddity

Space Oddity

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Agnes Jekyll 1 month ago

love this one, and style is spot on

For each comic book cover, Alcott uses pre-existing vintage paperbacks, which he digitally changes altering the text and some parts of the image in order to create perfect mashup prints. In that way, he gives a new glamorous life to once loved but now tattered and worn books. And one could not imagine a better subject to grace their covers than the equally beloved David Bowie with his fascination for sci-fi and well-known outlandish fashion. He's a perfect fit as a graphic novel protagonist.

#2 Starman


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#3 Life On Mars?

Life On Mars?

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“Bowie dressed as an androgynous alien, went out onstage and told his audience ‘You’re not alone, give me your hands,’ I can’t think of a more encompassing gesture to a misfit,” told Alcott Open Culture. “No matter how weird you were in your community, you would always find someone like you at a Bowie concert. During a time of my life when I felt incredibly isolated and alone, Bowie was one of the key artists who made me feel like I was part of a bigger world, an artistic continuum.”

#4 Heroes


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TRina Lockary 1 month ago

I remember this X-men comic as a teen

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#5 Under Pressure

Under Pressure

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Alcott reimagines such hits as the famous star's classic 1969 'Space Oddity' as a sci-fi comic book cover from 1960, Bowie's glam alter ego Ziggy Stardust's 1972 'Starman' which tells planet stories in sci-fi pulp magazine or the legendary collaboration of Queen and Bowie's 'Under Pressure' as a comic cover of a deep-sea adventure novel from 1950s. These glamorous vintage pulp fiction covers show incredible stories behind the greatest hits and celebrate the glamorous life of our beloved David Bowie.

#6 Changes


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Agnes Jekyll 1 month ago

Good lord I love it

#7 Young Americans

Young Americans

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Pseudo Puppy 1 month ago

"She took his ring, took his babies. it took him minutes, took her nowhere". Well, those lyrics are depressing for so many reasons.

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#8 The Man Who Sold The World

The Man Who Sold The World

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#9 Fame


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April Simnel 1 month ago (edited)

I have the original 1975 People Magazine issue that this is based on. It cracks me up to know that the puke green backdrop was chosen on purpose because Bowie and Schapiro thought it would be funny to make Bowie look "bad". This was the shot People chose for the cover, and now it's iconic.

#10 Scary Monsters

Scary Monsters

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