It’s practically impossible to go through life without experiencing some incredibly bad customer service. Whether it’s a tired and angry barista who rolls her eyes when you order something more complicated than black coffee, or a consultant that ignores you while talking on their phone with their friend. All these little situations annoy every one of us, and the saddest part is – dealing with bad customer service is an experience that’s impossible to avoid. But these small examples are nothing compared to what you have to go through while dealing with big companies. They usually don’t respond to your calls or emails, and they are constantly telling you they are doing ‘the best they can’ to help you. Tired of all of this, one man decided to share his experience with terrible customer service, and it proves that saying ‘the customer is always right’ is not something companies actually practice.

Recently, Imgur user that goes by the nickname aranjevi has shared his terrible experience with Nintendo’s customer service

A week late he received an email from Nintendo Repairs stating the following:

Here’s what Julian replied:

In an interview with Bored Panda Arenjevi said that he tried to contact Nintendo but it was no use “I have contacted Nintendo Customer Service UK number of times, asking to either escalate this issue to the management or letting me speak to someone from the management team. On each and every occasion I was told that the manager is not available at the moment, or ‘they are currently having lunch.'” Also, he added that he didn’t expect to receive so much attention with his story, but he’s glad it did since it might help other people who are dealing with the same issue. “I was certain that such a ridiculous and shocking experience might only be expected from some below average brands, but definitely not Nintendo.” Once Arenjevi’s story got viral Nintendo did reply to him, but it wasn’t as nice as you would expect, “After the article, I have received an automated email from Nintendo Repair Service stating that they will now proceed with the repairs free of charge and that I should expect my Blue Joy-con back in 10 days. That would make it a month after I’ve sent it out.”

Here’s what people had to say about this messy situation: