To leave an unforgettable first impression can take a lot of preparation and time. Having this in mind, a lot of people like to sway others by showing up with their perfect appearance. Nice outfit and good makeup are some of the things that can help to make an impression on the person in mind. Very often this applies to going on a date, because everyone wants to look their best when they are about to meet someone who could potentially become their significant other. Of course, looking your best does not always indicate that you want to show others how good you look. A lot of people like to express who they are through their appearance by wearing intricate clothes and accessories and having eye-catching makeup on.

But it seems that sometimes even the closest people to you can have a problem with that. At least that is what happened to TikToker Nikki Jabs who decided to share her dating experience with her followers.

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A woman on TikTok decided to share her dating experience with her followers

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The woman, who is known for sharing her experiences as she lives and travels in a van, also shared some videos of her dating life. This is when “Greg,” her date, was introduced to her followers. Nikki was kind with details in her story and it seemed that everything was going really well for them. Her new date was very kind and well mannered, he even asked Nikki to stay at his place because of how much fun they had together.

All was well until one evening, the woman shared on her TikTok an incident that happened on the same night. The couple had plans to go out for dinner and then continue their night by going to a grand opening of the retail company were Greg works. Once they were on their way to the restaurant, the man kept staring at Nikki, which made her ask what is wrong. At first Greg told her that there was nothing wrong, but as the conversation continued, he made it clear that he didn’t want Nikki to go to this event looking the way she did that night. The woman suggested that she go and change to which he said that this whole situation made him feel “bad.”

Everything seemed to be going really well between the couple until one evening the woman shared a video after she was sent home by her date

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Nikki also revealed that it wasn’t the first time that Greg had commented on her looks by telling her that she didn’t need to wear makeup or that she was overdressed. Having this issue in mind, Nikki then told Greg that either he should be fine with her going to the event dressed the way she wanted to, or she wouldn’t go at all. The man then offered to call her an Uber.

This situation reached the point where the woman went back to his house and took all her stuff with her back to her van while he was out at the event. However, Nikki had to go back to his place one more time because she forgot her laptop. The woman shared that Greg tried to get her back by apologizing and asking her to stay, but she knew that it all was over.

The man decided that his date wasn’t wearing appropriate clothing, so he got her an Uber to take her home instead of them going to an event together

Image credits: nikki.jabs

Image credits: nikki.jabs

Once Nikki shared this story on social media, she received a lot of attention from people online. A lot of TikTok users were glad that she got out of this relationship early because this man was showing signs of some pretty toxic behavior that would’ve only become worse with time. Of course, there were some users who thought that the woman brought this situation on herself. The woman herself was open to the discussion and was glad that she was able to end this relationship without it escalating further.

After her first video, the woman sat down and explained the whole situation that happened that evening

Image credits: nikki.jabs

Image credits: nikki.jabs

The TikToker showed what she was wearing that evening and what made her date question her outfit choices

Image credits: nikki.jabs

Bored Panda connected Nikki to find out more about the situation and how she feels about it all. The woman shared that “the attention that the story has garnered has definitely kept my mind off of the fact that I just went through a breakup. It has been a whirlwind of a week for me. I am happy to have ended things sooner rather than later as his behavioral pattern of comments about my appearance progressed over time.” Nikki also shared that she cut all ties with the guy, despite him trying to apologize and get back together.

A lot of people became invested in this story, sharing their own opinion about the situation. Nikki revealed that what surprised her most was that “SO many women not only experienced this type of behaviors from this exes, but got ‘trapped’ into a tumultuous relationship for many years with their partners.” The woman was happy that she got the chance to get away from this early in the relationship.

The woman was furious with his actions, stressing that it wasn’t the first time he had commented on her looks

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For those who might find themselves in a similar situation, the woman’s advice is “to accept any compliments from your partner about your looks. If your partner says that you are beautiful without makeup, be flattered. But pay attention to comments that begin to compare, suggest, and request to change your appearance. This is a very slippery slope and if you begin to change your appearance based on the subtle comments of your partner, it’s time to reevaluate his or her intentions.” Nikki also stressed that communication is the key, so you need to speak about what bothers you. This is that she did but apparently it didn’t have an impact on Greg’s behavior. “If your partner truly loves you, they will accept you for who you are and how you choose to present yourself,” added Nikki.

The woman confronted her date with an ultimatum after which he asked if he could call an Uber for her

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The woman also added a comment on what she now thinks about her date: “I don’t think ‘Greg’ is a bad person. I think ‘Greg’ made a mistake. I really cared for him and I still do. I also don’t believe I was a victim; I believe I was the subject of a poor decision. I hope that he was able to learn from this experience to be a better romantic partner in the future and know that you should accept your partner unconditionally.”

Every situation teaches us and provides us with some new experiences. The TikToker also shared that “one important thing I took away from this experience is that if you choose to speak publicly about an important experience like this, many people will learn from your experience. I will continue to document parts of my life to anyone who wants to listen hoping that I may help someone someday if they find themselves in a similar situation.”

You can watch the full video down below!

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People online were telling her that it was right for her to leave the man as he was showing some signs of abuse