Whether you think they’re fearless and adventurous or crazy and irresponsible – these two daredevil photographers’ pictures will lift your feet off the ground and take you to heavenly heights. Vitaliy Raskalov (20) and Vadim Makhorov (24), a fearless duo from Russia who are being referred to as “skywalkers”, have been travelling around Europe for a month in order to scale world’s most famous buildings and take incredible panoramic shots.

Starting in Sweden and finishing in Portugal, Vitaliy and Vadim have conquered 12 cities in seven countries and have been through a lot of adventures – spending half a day handcuffed in Prague’s police station, climbing slippery pipes to 150 meters in height, sleeping on the roof of a skyscraper… the list goes on and on. Although they often had to get up at very early hours or wait around all evening for the perfect chance, they said it always paid off: “The views are worth it overall as you’re taken to the top of the world with some of the most beautiful surroundings.”

Check out the photos from their Eurotrip plus a special bonus on their visit to Egypt and the outlawed scaling of the Pyramids!

Source: raskalov-vit.livejournal.com

View From a Skyscraper in Warsaw, Poland – 150 Meters High

View from the High Cathedral of St. Peter in Cologne, Germany – 150 Meters High

Eiffel Tower From a Nearby Rooftop in Paris, France

View From a Skyscraper Under Construction in La Defénse, Paris, France

View From Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France – 90 Meters High

View From La Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain

View From the Crane Above the Sagrada Familia Cathedral – 170 Meters High

Walking On a Skyscraper Structure in Benidorm, Spain

Bonus Story! Climbing One of the Seven World Wonders – the Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo, Egypt – 140 Meters High

When you think some of the locations couldn’t get any more terrifying, Vitaliy pushes his boundaries even further. Together with two other skywalking photographers, he climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza, which is prohibited by law (the punishment ranges from 1 to 3 years of jail). As stated in his blog, they had to hide from guards for about 5 hours. The climbing itself only took about 20 minutes, but it was full of adrenaline: “Climbing on the flagstones of one of the most ancient buildings of humanity, realizing that you will be at the top to admire the spectacle, that you risk your death to climb on a single left wonder of the world.“