Hand tube fireworks of Kosai arai town very crazy festival!
“Tezutsu” fireworks have been transmitted in this region as a prayer for a rich harvest, perfect health, the fortunes of a family and success in war. It is traditional custom unique to the east Mikawa district.
You can enjoy these marvelous “Tezutsu” fireworks on during the “Fire Festival”.
The festival is a historic festival that last more than 300 years.
The number of fireworks to be used is 2000.
The “Tezutsu” fireworks are hand made, hand launched fireworks that send an amazing pillar of flame directly over the person who launches it. Hand launched fireworks of this scale (20m) can’t be found anywhere else.
Each “Tezutsu” firework is crafted and launched by a single person; a difficult and time consuming process. Besides the “Tezutsu” fireworks, you can enjoy various fireworks such as “Ohzutsu” and “Star Mine”.
There will also be temporary shops and traditional “Wadaiko”, or Japanese drums, at the stage, so the site is full of people and a lot of fun all day long.

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