If you’ve ever wondered what Superman is doing this very moment, you might be in for a treat. Lucas Nascimento, better known as Dragonarte, makes entertaining illustrations that imagine the daily life of superheroes and the funny situations they face.

The talented artist is great at creating clever strips, which are “short stories without dialogue with popular characters—so people from all over the world would understand." What’s interesting is that he doesn’t shy away from making characters from different worlds meet—like DC heroes and Marvel heroes.

Scroll down to see the newest superhero strips by Lucas and don’t forget to check out our previous post about the artist’s work.

More info: Instagram | Facebook | dragonarte.com.br | twitter.com

Lucas has amassed quite the social media following with his art. He has over 115K followers on Facebook and 225K on Instagram. His great consistency might be a factor in the rapidly growing numbers, however, Nascimento’s talent is undeniable as well. As it seems, we should never underestimate people’s interest in the secret life of superheroes.

The talented artist posted his first comic strip back in 2013, however it didn’t take off right away. According to Lucas, he used to draw long stories with text and they just didn’t have as big of a reach as his current comic strips. The change of approach as well as encompassing characters of pop culture was truly his key to success.

When you are done scrolling through and upvoting your favorite cartoons, check out more of Nascimento's art on Bored Panda. We've previously shown the artist's hilarious take on what our favorite pop culture characters are doing when no one's watching. He also imagined how famous superheroes looked and acted when they were little kids and how cool and adorable their babies would be.

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