Parents find a lot of ways to constantly remind their children about their love, but this dad is raising the bar for everyone. He uses his super stealth skills to hide a little something inside his daughter’s house whenever he visits, and her everlasting treasure hunt looks like the best!

From the top of the cupboard to the inside of a bag, each time this dad hides a dollar bill, it’s somewhere else. “I live close to him and he sees me regularly. We’re buddies,” the daughter said. “He usually doesn’t leave another until I find one.”

She thanks her loving father by cooking him huge meals. Dinner aside, the dad is avoiding a simple “thank you” or anything else that would acknowledge his sneaky gifts. “He just likes getting the pics and sends back the sunglasses guy.”

“Sometimes my dad hides money for me in random places”

“He never lets me know when he’s done it”

“He’s a sweet weirdo”