Golf, like many sports, is loads of fun. But, just like any other sport, it also requires knowing what you’re doing to make sure nobody gets hurt. It takes time and skill to guarantee your swings don’t end up twisting parts of your body not designed for twisting or, even worse, make sure your ball doesn’t hit anyone square in the head.

Or you can be super skilled but super unlucky and someone tries to prank you into thinking that you’ve actually hit someone square in the head just like this dad did.

Imagine the fun you could have living next to a golf course—just like this dad

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This dad lives next to a golf course. So, having a stray golf ball fly into his backyard is quite likely a frequent sight in his life. But, instead of picking up the ball and throwing it over the fence or handing it to the golfer if he happens to come by, he decided to spice things up a little.

So, when the next golf ball landed in his backyard, he decided to simply go up to the ball and lie down next to it, making it look like he was knocked out cold by the spherical piece of metal. He got to the ground and waited motionless for the golfer to come pick up his lousy shot.

This dad found a golf ball in his backyard and decided to prank the golfer who had the lousy shot

Image credits: thesheyshey

He simply lay down next to the ball and waited for the golfer to come over and pick it up

Image credits: thesheyshey

As soon as the golfer found the ball, the dad began scratching his head as if to signify that he had recently acquired a new cranial accessory in the shape of a golf ball. Needless to say, the man seemed to be at least in a bit of a shock having frozen up after seeing his ball right next to a man lying face down on the ground scratching his head.

The dad soon got on his knees, picked up the ball, and passed it to the golfer. There seemed to be some sort of exchange between the two men, but it is not known what the two talked about. The golfer’s concerned face, however, shows that he was probably asking if the dad was all right and saying he’s sorry.

When he was there, the dad started scratching his head as if he got hit with it

Image credits: thesheyshey

The golfer was left shocked, all the while the dad’s family was laughing out loud and filming the whole thing

Image credits: thesheyshey

All the while, his family filming on the other side of the window are laughing their butts off at how hilarious the dad’s execution of the prank was: everything from the head scratching to the confused looking around to him walking away, trying to stay in character though deep down inside he was laughing as much as his family was.

The prank video soon found its way onto the internet, where it gained quite a bit of attention. It was picked up by various golfing and pop news websites as well as getting over 111,000 upvotes and a bunch of awards on Reddit in just a day.

It wasn’t long until the dad’s golf ball prank found its way on the internet and went viral

Image credits: thesheyshey

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The internet loved it, with many saying that the dad deserves some sort of dad prank award for a brilliant dad joke. Others said that his acting was on par and they were happy to see the golfer at least being concerned about it because he could have just been nonchalant and walked away like nothing happened.

What did you think about this? Will you be doing this next time you’re around a golf course? Or maybe you’d like to share some hilarious golfing stories? Why not do that in the comment section below!

Here’s how the internet reacted to this dad’s prank