Frans Hofmeester, a filmmaker and artist from the Netherlands, has just given his daughter Lotte the best birthday present. The loving dad has been filming her every week since the moment she was born in 1999 until she turned 18, and has put it all together into a stunning timelapse video.

“When Lotte was born, she was changing at such a rapid pace,” Hofmeester told The Guardian. “I was desperate to keep the memories intact.” Filming his daughter, Frans would ask her about her week, or what she did at school. The “Portrait of Lotte, 0 to 18 years” has already accumulated over 3,6M views on YouTube, and the numbers keep growing. “I think the reception has been so strong because the film speaks to people. It carries a message about living your life, and enjoying every moment of having your children with you.”

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“When Lotte was born, she was changing at such a rapid pace”

Desperate to keep the memories of his daughter intact, Frans Hofmeester has decided to document her growing up from 0 to 18 years old