The internet has proven time and time again that parenting is truly a joyous and fun experience. Just look at the sheer amount of pictures and videos posted by parents about the situations their kids get themselves into on a daily basis—oftentimes together with the parents and oftentimes hilarious!

A young Chinese father by the name of Tu Lei has recently posted a video of himself and his daughter sharing one such hilarious, yet adorable parenting moment. The video was posted on Douyin, a version of TikTok dedicated to the Chinese market, and it went viral almost immediately.

This dad one-upped his daughter’s Tom & Jerry morning cartoon by becoming a part of it

Image credits: Tu Lei

The video features a father and his daughter at home in front of a television screen. The two were watching Hanna-Barbera’s classic Tom & Jerry cartoon series, when the father decided to have some fun with it. He picked up a straw and started reenacting one of the scenes from the show.

Image credits: Tu Lei

The scene in question is from Tom & Jerry’s “The Invisible Mouse” cartoon from 1947, where Jerry the Mouse accidentally discovers invisible ink and uses it to exact revenge on Tom the Cat. Among the many ways he does so is him sucking all of Tom’s milk from his bowl through the straw and spurting it right back at his face.

His spot-on performance swayed the hearts of both his daughter and the internet

Image credits: Tu Lei

Jerry was invisible for the majority of the episode, making it perfect for Tu Lei to make it look like he’s doing all of it. He humorously executed the scene with a straw in hand, first moving the bowl from side to side, then taking a wild sip of Tom’s entire milk supply as he’s about to have a go—with great emphasizing the last drop. For the finale, he quickly splurts out all of the milk right at Tom’s face. This resulted in extreme excitement from the daughter, making for an adorable father and daughter moment.

Image credits: Tu Lei

It is unclear how successful it was on Douyen, but the video went viral and was spread across the internet, accumulating over 4 million views in just 16 hours on Imgur alone. And why wouldn’t it? This dad deserves a medal for making his beloved daughter’s cartoon time interactive and more fun.

The hilariously adorable video went viral across multiple video hosting platforms

Image credits: Tu Lei

Tom & Jerry was originally created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera back in 1940. The show’s success was unprecedented with the show still being around to this day—nearly 80 years later. Over this time, it has received air-time on television around the globe as well as one-off productions, and spin-offs, making it one of the most successful cartoons in history.

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