Some believe that all people are creative on some level. Some people take that belief to a completely new level. Take Anthony Hoyte, for example – a recreational cyclist that loves what he does so much, he decided to dedicate a lot of time into it and bring it further by cycling for long hours just to create images on a fitness app called “Strava”. Of course, it would be too little to draw just any ordinary image at this time of the year, therefore he decided to bring some festive cheer and draw a reindeer while cycling around London.

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This cyclist, Anthony Hoyte from Cheltenham, has quite an interesting hobby of drawing images on fitness apps by pedaling around

Even though Anthony calls himself a recreational cyclist and club cyclist, he puts a lot more effort and time than you’d expect from someone who is described as such. He says his Strata art creations take quite a while to plan but he tries to focus on quality rather than quantity. He’s gotten into it by seeing others do it: “I’d seen others doing it, notably Stephen Lund in Canada, and thought, “I’m going to try that!” said Hoyte.

His most recent festive drawing took 9 hours of pedaling to create

Image credits: anthoyte

Last year, he surprised the cycling world with this adorable Santa that took 4 and a half hours to create

Image credits: cyclist

Hoyte is actually trained as a designer and says that even though he doesn’t use his training in his job, it definitely helps when it comes to planning his artwork. He usually studies Google and other online maps and looks for shapes in the existing roads—”[it’s] a bit like spotting pictures in clouds,” he says. “If something jumps out at me—like perhaps a road that looks like a nose—then I’ll try and find eyes and so on. If nothing jumps out, I’ll try somewhere else, but I’ll keep coming back to places to see what I see.” He tries to stick to the road pattern as much as possible but cuts through parks and car parks or university campuses if that’s required to get the perfect line.

And this cute Snowman was his version of a Christmas greeting card in 2017

Image credits: anthoyte

But he certainly doesn’t keep this hobby only for the Christmas season

Image credits: anthoyte

Since he’s living in quite a small city of Cheltenham, he usually visits bigger cities in the UK in order to execute his creations. So far, he’s cycled around Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, London, and Sheffield but says he’d love to cycle internationally and says that US cities would probably present quite a challenge for him with their regular grid patterns.

And keeps surprising us with various pieces of Strava art – drawings created on fitness tracking app, Strava

Image credits: anthoyte

Hoyte started drawing like this back in 2016 and currently has quite a handful of “artwork” he’s created

Image credits: Strava

Apparently, he even won 1st place in the Bristol Cycling Festival Strava art competition in 2017 with this piece

Image credits: anthoyte

He says planning his drawings is a bit like spotting pictures in clouds – he studies maps and looks for shapes in existing roads

Image credits: anthoyte

People were amazed by his creations and also amused at how much time must go into this