I like my dog and all, but Tonkey’s rise to fame has got me wondering what she’s got, that I don’t. 8 weeks ago I created Tonkey her own Instagram account for the sole purpose of making friends myself. The way it was supposed to go down: post photo of cute dog, cute dog attracts good-looking friends, good-looking friends want to hang out with me.

But I’ve created a monster— like Victor to Frankenstein— and now Frankenstein’s famous, leaving her creator alone in the shadows. I want to wish my dog nothing but the best in her future endeavours…but it’s tough when your cuddle buddy has left you to eat her dust.

If I could say one thing to my dearest Tonkey, it would be this: I love you, dogchild, don’t forget we started from the bottom; I am trying my best to be happy for you.

More info: Instagram | Facebook

Meet Tonkey: she is 100% Shar Pei…

…though many others say she is 100% bear

She lives with her mom, dad, and sister Maxi, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Tonkey has a face that could melt the heart of an ogre

She can also dress to impress

And her hiccups are too adorable

When we go to IKEA she enters “teddy stealth mode”- so we don’t get kicked out

She loves to play peek-a-boo…

 And showering is still scary for her

Getting down the stairs is not easy

She makes friends wherever she goes

Tonkey’s face at maximum smoosh. Adorable!

She’s already learning how to fetch the ball!