Whether you work in design, art, web development, or any other creative field, you're bound to deal with at least one absolutely terrible client in your lifetime. Thankfully, however, a magical place exists where all of your frustrations can be vented anonymously and among people who know exactly what you're talking about - down to the last revision.

It's called Clients From Hell, and it's so discreet that even its founders and admins remain completely unknown to this day, which is great news for the hundreds upon thousands of creatives and freelancers who have used the site to share their stories since 2009. If you've ever dealt with a client straight from the fiery pits yourself, these harrowing accounts of trickery and insanity with first give you a chuckle, and then a long, slow shiver of dread. The user-submitted posts can even be sorted by 'client type,' ranging from 'deadbeat' to 'racist' to 'chaotic good.'

Scroll down to see some of our favorite Clients From Hell moments, and be sure to check out these illustrated quotes from people who expected artists to work for free, as well as 15 types of difficult clients and how to deal with them while you're at it.

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