If you hire a freelancer, you aren’t just paying for the materials they use; you’re also funding their time. But when somebody contacted crocheter Krafty Katt to commission her for a 120-150-hour project, they thought she’d offer a Walmart price. Shocked for no apparent reason, they started to bargain.

“I’m just a hobby crocheter and trying to keep it that way,” Katt told Bored Panda. “I rarely do commissions, usually just done to reinvest money in my hobbies. Most people are extremely polite when inquiring about prices; I’ve been told one other time that I overcharge and that was as rude as it got before this.”

But this client was special. Shielding themselves from every argument Katt threw at them, they kept escalating the conversation. They were obnoxious, insulting, simply an a**hole. After they showed their true colors, the crocheter knew she was dealing with a customer from hell.

“I’m not a business, so I really don’t consider anyone a potential customer, and if they’re rude I have no problem dishing it back,” Katt said. “I don’t need to worry about negative reviews or anything like that, the repercussions for me are virtually zero.”

Scroll down to check out how she responded to the increasing rudeness, and let us know what you think about her comeback in the comments!

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In their free time, Katt and her cat Kovu are busy crocheting awesome stuff

The duo are making a name for themselves on Instagram, having already acquired over 1,000 followers

But the more potential customers you have, the more potential a**holes might contact you

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