When NYC-based makeup artist Johannah Adams recently posted pictures of her incredible crystal lip creations, Instagram went absolutely crazy! From druzy quartz to amethyst slices, the lips look just dazzling.

“I have this geode necklace that my dear friend gave me as a gift and I loved the gold and precious stone texture so much. One day it hit me that I should try to create a new lip art using that as inspiration!” – Johannah told Bored Panda.

She uses a combination of a heavy glitter, a gem color base, and a thick clear gloss. “The crystal lip makeup look is achieved by a process of mixing and layering. I start a mixture of color, the gloss, and the crystals and press and distribute it on my lips. I then take just loose glitter and press on more to finish the crystallized appearance of a makeup look.” – Johannah explained to us. Each unique artwork takes about an hour to create, but the result literally rocks!

More info: Instagram