While some people are convinced that all animals are driven only by instincts and can’t feel any human-like emotion, others are convinced otherwise. After all, it’s hard to believe animals are completely soulless after the infinite amount of cute cat and dog videos most of us have seen on the internet, where pets show really human-like emotions. Of course, that could be easily explained because pets have countless opportunities to observe their owner’s behavior and mimic some of it. However, after this video of a crow nudging a hedgehog across the street went viral, people can’t stop debating whether the crow was trying to get it to safety, or whether that was a predator move.

This video of a crow pushing a hedgehog off the road has recently gone viral

After this video of a crow nudging a hedgehog to get it cross the road was taken on May 20th in Ogre, Latvia, it quickly went viral. Many people were saluting the crow for showing such kindness and helping the little hedgehog get to safety.

While some people speculated that this wasn’t really a friendly behavior, that wasn’t the only example of crows making friends with other animals

However, some pointed out that the crow’s intentions may not have been that noble and it possibly just wanted to have a taste of the poor hedgehog in a safer place than the middle of the road. Despite that, it’s very likely the crow was just playing around, since these birds are well-known for their playful behaviors and unlikely friendships with other animals.

Turns out, they are really social and are easy to make friends with, not only for cats, as the internet has proven many times

While it remains unclear whether the crow had some predatory intentions towards the hedgehog or was trying to befriend and help the poor little guy, Joanna Fonte from Pet Helpful is certain humans can easily befriend crows. She said she started being friendly with the crows in her neighborhood back in 2010 and introduces herself to at least one new baby crow every year since.

Humans can easily make friends with crows too and the easiest way to a crow’s heart is, of course, by feeding it

Fonte says that according to various literature, the relationship between humans and crows has been arguably symbiotic for quite a while. She says that the easiest way to befriend a crow is of course, by offering it food. She recommends finding food that crows seem to like (that could require some trial and error) and then establish a regular feeding routine, so that crows would know when to expect you. “My crows feel most comfortable swooping down to grab the peanuts I throw if I’m sitting in my car, so I keep a bagful in the front seat for this purpose,” says Fonte.

After seeing the crow interact with a hedgehog, many people though it was beautiful

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And some even created hilarious backstories for the viral video

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Some, however, were not convinced and felt it seemed more like predator behavior

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