Cute. Small. Cuddly (even our cacti!). Who doesn’t want that in their lives? Amigurumi (the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting typically small, usually adorable stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures) has become tremendously popular all over the world, capturing imaginations young and old, and in this case a husband and wife team from NYC. TheKnitKnackShop has an entire line of adorably round animals that are the perfect size for small toddlers hands. They’ve also become popular office desk companions.

Also, if your living space is anything like ours, there just aren’t enough windows to keep plants alive. So we created all different kinds of plants and cacti that are perfect because they will never die. Put them in the corner of your bookshelf or in your tiny basement apartment with one window, and they will look just as fresh and new as the first day you purchased it.

We hope you enjoy!

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Small amigurumi barrel cacti

Small mini amigurumi bunny

Mini amigurumi frog with tophat

Smal penguin with crown

Round cacti with large pink flower

Small amigurumi beaver

Mini amigurumi sea animal set

Amigurumi beehive with micro bees

Mini amigurumi blue octopus

Micro cactus magnets

Large textured amigurumi cacti

Small amigurumi pineapples

Amigurumi giraffe

Small colorful amigurumi snail

Crochet amigurumi cactus