I started doing exotic species rescue 11 years ago. I have always had reptiles and other exotic animals in my life and I found that there were not many rescues out there to help these types of pets. Most exotics rescues were either people trying to acquire animals for breeding or re-sale, or people who were just trying to build up their private pet collections and were not rescues at all. I figured that, since I had the enclosures, I might as well try and help a few animals. Well, that simple thought has turned into something that is both wonderful and overwhelming.

At any given time there are over 200 animals here at the rescue, of differing species and size. Animals in my care range from the tiny and cute sugar glider to Simon the 200 plus pound Burmese python. Many of the animals here have had very bad lives and would not be taken in by other rescues. As a matter of fact, many of the worse off animals were given to me by other rescues. From dogs, lizards and ducks that are missing limbs, to snakes with no eyes, to our blind and deaf opossum ray, all animals are loved and given a permanent home with us until the perfect home can be found for them.