If you ask any child about one thing they would take away from their parents during their childhood, it would probably be a camera. Loving parents can‘t help but capture every single precious moment of their little kids‘ lives. And although we appreciate the snippets of memories these photos depict, we can‘t exactly get our heads around a few of our parents‘ choices of moments to freeze on film. Some children will probably be slightly ashamed of the result of such photoshoots, but not the kids of Yota (going by name yota7454 on Instagram). This Japanese father-of-two's art is the definition of having an utterly creative parent who makes sure that the family album never looks dull.

You will not find a photo of a baby in a bath or on the pot in his gallery. Instead, Yota puts his children in surreal fairytale-like scenarios by hand-drawing illustrations on plain photos. Thanks to dad‘s power of imagination and talent for drawing, the adorable boys, who are currently 1 and 3 years old, go on breathtaking adventures and are transformed into fascinating pop culture characters without even realizing. The proud dad has been sharing the improved photos of his children on Instagram since 2016 and has come up with pretty amazing and unique ideas.

So take a camera, a minimalistic background, cute kids, and add sketches into the mixture to unlock the achievement of the greatest dad of the year!

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This Father Mixes Drawings And Photos To Create A Fantasy World For His Children

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