#19 LED Studs

LED Studs

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Random32 2 years ago

I actually have a pair of these and the batteries die instantly almost

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#27 Living Plants

Living Plants

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earringnut 2 years ago

ok... thats pretty awsome

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#28 Apple Studs

Apple Studs

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BlazingFenix 2 years ago

wow! I really like these, the detail is amazing :D

#29 Dinosaurs



DharunaPalaniVelu 2 years ago

Did anyone notice that her ears are so pink??

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#30 How About A Seahorse?

How About A Seahorse?


FayYoung 2 years ago

looks stunning want 1 lol

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#31 Tap Studs

Tap Studs

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TessaKrellner 1 year ago

OMG!! I need these!!!

#34 Clinging Pikachu

Clinging Pikachu

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EmilyMacRae 2 years ago

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Cute Idea but could have been done better :(

#36 Silver Shoes

Silver Shoes

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earringnut 2 years ago

for real wizard of oz fans