The friendship between animals of different species is always an adorable thing to watch. Case in point, a coyote was filmed encouraging a very slow badger hunting-buddy to get into a culvert so that they could pass under a highway in California.

The video went viral and spread all over the internet. People absolutely adored the buddy-buddy atmosphere between the two animals. Scroll down for the full video.

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Watch the full video right here

Image credits: Peninsula Open Space Trust

As strange as it might sound when you first hear it, coyotes and badgers tend to help each other out. According to one Reddit user, coyotes and badgers “can be observed hunting together.” Well, you learn something new every day, I guess! Chopperhead2011 said, that “badgers will pursue prairie dogs underground since they’re adept at digging and not quick on their feet (paws?), while the coyote keeps an eye out for escaping prey since he’s more suited for chasing them down.”

“An almost perfectly analogous method can be observed between groupers and moray eels hunting in coral reefs,” they added. Nature sure is fascinating. However, it should be noted that coyotes and badgers aren’t the best of friends. In fact, they sometimes even prey on each other!

The video went viral after Russ McSpadden shared it on Twitter

Image credits: PeccaryNotPig

The coyote encouraged his slow-moving badger amigo to get into the culvert to pass under the highway

Image credits: danransomphoto