It has been more than six months now with a pandemic. A phenomenon, which we have never faced in our lifetime. The whole world is together in the fight against this invisible enemy. Self-isolation, quarantine, social distancing became everyday use words during this time. As a cartoonist, I started this series in a light manner depicting serious challenges of mankind. The series mostly shows the situation in India, however, it is relatable for everyone.

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Waiting for a better half of the year

We wish all scientists to come together and create a vaccine to save mankind

We faced many challenges in the past and evolved to be stronger. As Italy sang: “Andrà tutto bene,” meaning that everything will be alright

We saw an unusual panic buying but we need to understand that tissue is not an issue

Lockdown days

Social distancing everywhere

Meanwhile, birds returned to our windows

The new age of working from home started with ZOOM, TEAM, and etc

Many people stayed at home