We all love an underdog story, times when the little guy fights back, takes on the bully and emerges victorious. This is just one of those stories, however it has a twist.

Imgur user wolverineprostateexams recently posted the story of his little cousin, tormented by a bully at school for months until finally, he snapped. After being provoked and beaten one time too often, he turned the tables on the bully and gave him a lesson that he will never forget. Seems fair enough right? Or does it? Sure, violence is never the answer you might say, and sure, you’d probably be right. The school certainly thought so, and proceeded to give both the bully, and his victim, the same punishment for fighting, a three day suspension.

Is this just? Given that the bully had a proven track record of misbehaviour, and started the fight? That’s up to you to decide. The bullied boy’s family certainly didn’t think so, and decided to show their support for their son in the coolest way. Because sometimes it necessary to stand up for your principles and to show to a young boy that sometimes, in some circumstances, its OK to fight back.

Scroll down to check it out for yourself, and let us know where you stand on the issue.

Image credits: MBI / Alamy Stock Photo

People seemed to support the bullied boy’s actions