What is love? Besides a hit song immediately popping into your head with the answer "baby don't hurt me," there is no right or wrong answer to this question. The definition is personal and different to everyone; some might not even have a definition as long as it feels right. Vietnamese artist Luong Thuy, known on social media as beisme08, shares honest everyday moments from life with her loving boyfriend and it looks like they are relationship goals. These comics range from extremely adorable and heartwarming moments some people may call cheesy to goofy situations and relationship struggles which make them much more real and relatable.

Here's an exclusive invitation to Thuy's relationships illustrated in her own cute style. So enjoy and upvote your favorites! When you are done, check out the previous post with more sweet illustrations on Bored Panda.

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Luong Thuy works as a freelance illustrator and in addition to drawing her own heartfelt stories, she also does commission work for her clients.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Thuy told that she draws her inspiration from her own experiences and everyday life with her boyfriend and a cat. Through cozy and intimate illustrations and comics, Thuy creates good memories about her relationship. After some time in a relationship and caught up in the routine, people might forget what that connection means to them and these light-hearted and positive snippets of life packed with little things might help you take a fresh look at your loved ones and appreciate the happiness and warmth they bring. And to all single people out there who are still in search of true love, these comics will remind you that there is still hope.

"I create my art because I want to keep the beautiful moments about being in love and I also want to inspire positive emotions in other couples. I know in a relationship there are always different problems and I hope everyone will always have the most positive outlook," Thuy says.

Around 1.5 years ago, when we discovered Thuy's comics and illustrations, she said that she wants people "to feel happy and optimistic" after seeing her artwork. At the time, she had been drawing and posting her artwork online for about half a year and had 50k followers. Fast forward to today, it seems that her goal of making people happy and bringing positivity to their daily lives has been working pretty well, as she currently has 257k followers enjoying her work.

"More than 200 thousand followers is a great spiritual gift to me. I just know I love doing it and everyone is happy to see it. They seem to see themselves in my work, too. I never thought that my works would be supported by so many people. However, my life is still very normal because people know me through my drawings, no one recognizes me in real life, I'm comfortable with that. Everyone's support is a great motivation for me to continue this work."

"Life is so much better with love in it," the artist said and based on her illustrations, we can agree.

The artist highlights how important it is that her comics are simple and easily understandable to everyone. Her drawing style and messages are colorful and detailed with a very recognizable cute art style. Leaving very little to interpretation, she is drawing sincere stories about everything her real relationship is made of—from cozy moments together, the perks of being with the right person, and support to funny misunderstandings, moments of loneliness, and fighting. But even struggles and the candid part of any relationship are portrayed in a positive light, with the same message that love is unconditional and forgiving.

When asked about the challenges she faces when drawing her comics, she admitted that she doesn't really have any.

"Actually, I don't have any big challenges in the process of drawing the story. I feel very comfortable doing it. In the process of doing it, I was able to practice my drawing skills."

We also asked about how Thuy's partner feels about sharing the intimate details of their relationship online.

"He is very happy, sometimes he even tells friends and colleagues about my drawings. He looks so proud," she said.

"If I had one piece of advice, I would advise everyone to put their sincere feelings and emotions into their work. Don't put too much weight on whether many people like it or read it or not. Do it because you like it first."

Relationships have been a very common topic among comic artists, probably because the source of inspiration is so easily accessible. Some couples, like one of our favorites Yehuda Devir and his wife Maya, have been documenting their ups and downs for years—check out their most recent family update here. If you need more comics to warm your heart, we recommend checking out the work of Jason Shyang, who creates cute comics called The Potato Couple which were featured on Bored Panda here, here, and here or the lovable Love Handle Comics that show the love life of two different people here and here.

But not all couple comics are so romantic and sweet they could give you diabetes just by looking at them. Some artists choose a different approach from the idealistic picture and depict their relationships in an unfiltered way. For example, in Ok Blue comics, the artist explores relationship dynamics, stating that "not all couples have to be 'cute' to be real, genuine, and happy." Murrz comics hilariously show what happens when couples get too comfortable in long-term relationships. In the end, whatever your relationship looks like, the most important thing is that it's healthy and brings you happiness.

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