I am a wedding and portrait photographer. I document moments in time for my clients to cherish. When approached with the opportunity to document this couple celebrating 68 years of marriage, I was beyond thrilled! The couple shared a rare kind of love that I have never captured. Even after 68 years together, he was smitten with his wife!

He literally could not keep his hands and lips off of his sweet love. The truest affection I have ever seen. They have been married for 68 years. In the 68 years, they have had 2 children which have brought them great joy along with 6 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren!.

These two have also traveled to all 50 states. What a dream!!!

They are very much in love and can feel each other’s emotions. A kiss is not just a kiss two these two beautiful souls. When he kisses her, she kisses him for every kiss. They pray together at bedtime every night. They hold hands all of the time…on the couch watching tv, in church, walking…everywhere!

She is his one and only true love! Watching him with his wife was like watching two high school sweethearts. Their love radiates! This is just a small peek into their love story. It was truly an honor to document the love between these two beautiful souls!!!

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