Being in a healthy, happy relationship is arguably one of the best things that can ever happen to you. When you’ve got a partner whom you can fully trust, who’s always got your back, and who’s guarding your heart like it’s the biggest treasure in the galaxy, then you feel like you’ve been truly blessed. And things can hardly get better if you share the same interests and sense of humor.

The ‘Couple Memes’ Facebook group is a project that features relatable (and sometimes even debatably relatable) memes about being in a relationship. It’s the kind of funny and lovey-dovey content that’s bound to spark some positive emotions and might even get you to share the images with your significant other. Each relationship might be unique, but there’s a lot that couples have in common, too.

You’ll find the best memes below, dear Pandas. Remember to upvote the ones that you thought were spot-on. And if you’d like to gush all about how amazing your partner is, you should definitely drop by the comment section at the bottom of this list.

The ‘Couple Memes’ group has over 518k members and it’s impressive that they got such a huge crowd in such a short amount of time. The group is barely over a year old, after all, having been founded on March 3, 2021.

The entire community is built around respect and kindness. Members are expected to be courteous to one another. Any disagreements and discussions that occur have to be polite. In short, there’s no room for rudeness or bigotry on ‘Couple Memes.’

What’s more, the half-a-million strong community is expected to focus on the memes themselves. Any self-promotion or ads are frowned upon. 

Meanwhile, not every single meme that members think is great actually gets approved. Some of the things that the members should consider are whether their memes are actually original, whether the quality is good enough.

In other words, the group prefers content that isn’t just copy-pasted from other pages. And, finally, the memes should all be in English. The group’s focus on quality and relatability might help explain why the page is so popular.

Earlier, Bored Panda had a detailed discussion with relationship expert Dan Bacon about how to tell if someone’s ready to marry their partner.

“When you meet your wife, you know you want to be with her and only her. There’s no question in your mind about that. However, that doesn’t mean that you know you want to marry her from day one though,” he told us.

“You know you are ready to marry a woman if you have never thought of breaking up with her for real. I say ‘for real’ because sometimes a couple will have fights in the early days and threaten a breakup, or temporarily think about breaking up in the heat of the moment, but then change their mind,” the expert said.

“It’s only a problem if a guy secretly wishes he had a different woman, regularly imagines breaking up with his girlfriend and falling in a love with a new woman, or worries that his girlfriend probably isn’t the right woman for him,” he warned.

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“In cases like those, she’s not the one for him and he will almost certainly not be willing to do what it takes to make the marriage work in the long run, which will result in cheating or a divorce at some point.”

According to the relationship expert, marriage is about finding the right person to be with. That way, you can be happy and know for sure that this is the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make, however, is to give in to pressure and get married just because of what your friends and family think.

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“If you’re going to get married, it has to be with the right girl. You shouldn’t ever marry just for the sake of it, to impress family or friends, or to do what others are doing,” the expert told Bored Panda that you have to be the one to make this important decision by yourself.

“A family member of mine got married because his friends were all getting married, so he followed along with their lead. He then ended up going through a painful divorce 5 years into his marriage after having two children. He and his ex-wife still aren’t on good terms to this day because she is bitter about what happened,” he gave an example of what might happen if you let others pressure you.



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