We are used to the boudoir photoshoots that feature women, but Canadian photographer Masika May wants to change gender stereotypes. She offers you playful pictures of “dudeoir” – and shows you a sensual side of the country style.

The photoshoot idea came from a previous commission – Masika took a series of intimate pictures of Brandon, who wanted those taken as a gift for his wife. Little did Masika expect that the photo series would go viral! Apparently, many people appreciated the original change of the usual perspective. So the sequel to the previous cool photos was inevitable.

The photographer was asked by one of her friends to create a series of his own. But this time they went outside. The pictures show the male model in a farm completely in touch with his sensuality, featuring the best bits of it – and it safe even for those who have hay fever. That’s a breath of fresh air that we’ve all needed!

More info: MasikaMayPhotography.ca | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: aplus)