It seems that these days, one of the most important factors before enjoying any delicious meal or drink is the question of “how Instagramable it is”. Those businesses who understand their customer’s desperate need to capture the beauty of their food are trying their best to deliver something other places would never think of. And if they are lucky enough, their product quickly gets on the Internet and becomes a new trend. We previously had black ice-cream, unicorn frappuccino, and even rainbow bagels. Now there’s a new Instagramable treat on the market.

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A cafe in Shanghai has created a unique way of drinking coffee

Image credits: Daniel Food Diary

If you’re one of those people that need things to be pretty more than it needs to be practical, this cup of coffee is something you will definitely need to get your hands on.

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Mellower Coffee in Shanghai is now famous for their “Sweet Little Rain” coffee

Image credits: Daniel Food Diary

Food bloggers are trying their best to get their hands on this deliciously looking coffee and those who tried it say the cafe definitely delivers a high standard.

Sweet Little Rain is sold for 58 RMB (or around $9)


Image credits: Mellower Coffee

Even though it looks absolutely magical, some people who happened to try it say it is definitely overhyped and even a bit gimmicky.

Even though it looks cool, people commented it might get pretty messy

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And well… they weren’t wrong

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