When the lockdown was first announced in much of the world, parents had to resort to homeschooling whichever way they knew how. This inevitably led to a sea of tweets and other exclamations online saying how much respect they have for teachers now, until schools reopened in online format and lessons on TV started popping up.

Now, a number of parents have had an idea to form a co-op, a schooling method among neighbors where each parent teaches the neighborhood’s kids something they know. This way, you have parents teaching a variety of disciplines tag-teaming between lessons, making sure the kids are learning and are kept busy throughout the day.

School’s closed, so parents had to start homeschooling, and some decided to have some fun while they’re at it

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Michael Haz recently tweeted about how co-op schooling was going down in their neighborhood. He explained that since schools are closed, their neighborhood has come together to do some co-op schooling.

Most notably, the person in charge of physical education (PE) is a retired marine. And it went in the fashion that you would expect from a military man: imagine a man suddenly shouting outside your window in an aggressively disciplined voice, spewing orders and cadence calls one morning.

Michael Haz tweeted how his neighborhood decided to do co-op schooling, putting a retired marine in charge of PE

As was expected, cadence calls and marches ensued, and the kids were super pumped to be a part of it

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“He’s got elementary school kids lined up in his backyard doing burpees and air squats while chanting I don’t know but I believe, Santa comes on Christmas Eve,” said Haz in his tweet.

This alone was enough for people on Twitter to start salivating with a desire to either send their kids over or to join this boot camp of an educational process themselves.

Haz continued in other tweets: “The kids are having a ball. Much laughing and yelling. Now he’s got them marching to the lot line and back chanting I hate school! I hate school! Studying at home is really cool!

Not only did the people find the story hilarious and fun, but also offered their own cadence calls

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Little is known about this co-op, but Haz explained in a reply to a comment under his tweet that another mother was responsible for math as she is an engineer. Heck, now I want to sign up for this school!

Haz also remarked in his tweets: “The kids are totally into this. It’s hilarious. And a joy to watch. It’s like R. Leigh (sic!) Ermey is doing daycare.”

Unfortunately, there are no videos or pictures of this due to privacy issues, but it doesn’t take much to imagine how awesome it is to effectively have a drill sergeant in your neighborhood teaching kids the fundamentals of physical fitness and well-being.

Others shared more non-traditional PE stories

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It is unknown whether this little exercise defeats the purpose of isolation and quarantine as all of the kids were physically in the marine’s backyard, but it is safe to assume that precautions were taken given that it’s a military specialist hosting the lesson and that military line exercises generally mean that there is a good distance between soldiers.

People found this absolutely wholesome and hilarious, asking how they can sign up their kids and saying that the cadence calls made it all much more entertaining than it already was. In fact, speaking of cadence calls, many stepped in to share their own calls.

And it didn’t stop there. The tweet went viral on Imgur, getting over 175,000 views, almost 7,000 upvotes, and even a looong list of “end the sentence” cadence call rhymes for I don’t know, but I’ve been told… It seems like everyone was having a good time, despite not being part of this boot camp.

What are some of the best cadence calls you’ve ever heard? Let us know in the comments below!

All in all, the internet loved the fun backyard school “bootcamp” story, after which it went viral

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The fun didn’t stop there as the tweet also appeared on Imgur, where people shared their cadence call rhymes