Construction work comes with various hazardous risks, but for a group of construction workers in Rodnia, Brazil they never anticipated the four-legged threat that walked onto their site one day. A recent video surfaced on the internet that captured the entire encounter.

It begins with a group of four workers standing around what appears to be a restaurant renovation. Each one is minding their own business when one of the men, holding a drill, notices an oncoming threat (hidden from the viewer). He races into a side room, which is when the other men take notice and start pointing at the door. Finally, we see the approaching danger – a pit bull. The frenzied men end up on the counter-top in an attempt to escape. Scroll down below to see the whole video unfold – you may be surprised how it ends.

These construction workers were minding their business when they noticed something running towards them

So they fled for their lives

The intruder was a pit bull

Who had escaped from a neighbor’s house

The men were terrified and jumped on a countertop

Watch the whole video to see how it unfolded

Some people laughed at the dramatic reaction of the grown men

Others sympathized and agreed the breed was scary