Cristine from Simply Nailogical sent the internet into a frenzy by painting 100+ coats of nail polish on her nails. As we don’t do nails very well, we decided to join in the craziness and built a cake with 100+ layers in it. So we thought using the crepe cake recipe would be the best as it already starts with a few layers.

We multiple the batter 6 times to make a huge batch and for extra fun, we dyed them into different colours to match the spectrum of the rainbow.

The batter itself weighs 1.56kg and the rest is creme filling which totals up to 3kg = 6.6lbs of cake. It took approximately six hours to finish the whole cake.

We would not recommend trying it yourself as it is not that stable and may collapse on you.

So enjoy our video and give a thumbs up and please share it around so more people can see it. We are trying to do more crazy stuff soon :)

More info:

100+ layers – Rainbow mille Crepe Cake | How to